18mm Mikuni Carburetor and Accessories

Carburetor and Accessories

18 mm Mikuni carburetor, carburetor cable, aluminum carburetor mounting flange, single outlet Mikuni fuel pump, and main jets from #50 - #150 are available. These are a quick fix for your stock carburetor problems. They'll fit both Suzuki and Kawasaki motors.

Main Jets$2.75 each
Custom Built 18 inch Cable$44.95
Mikuni Fuel Pump$30.00
18mm Carburetor$115.00
18mm Carburetor Kit with Adapter, Cable, and Installation Instructions$200.00
18mm Carburetor Mount Kit (see below)$98.00

Carburetor Mount

This carb mount stops a lot of the vibration because of the rubber boot. The kit comes complete with metric mounting screws, stainless steel button head bolts, rubber boot, CBC machined mounting plate, hose clamp, and aluminum billet carb mounting tube. It is a must for racers using an 18mm Mikuni carburetor.